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Kasbah Lights, Set of 3

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Indulge in Magical Evenings with Kasbah Fairy Lights! Embark on a journey of enchantment as our Kasbah Fairy Lights cast a captivating glow, transforming your space into a realm of timeless charm. Infused with the spirit of the Kasbah, these lights weave tales of magic and mystique, creating an ambiance that enchants and delights.

Product details:

  • Glimmering Design: Illuminate your surroundings with the mesmerizing glow of 16 warm white LEDs, creating an enchanting tapestry of light that adds a touch of magic to any space.
  • Plug In Powered Brilliance: Embrace the convenience of plug in power, ensuring a continuous and reliable display of light. The Kasbah Fairy Lights are designed for effortless elegance in your indoor spaces.
  • Glass Ornaments for Elegance: Elevate your decor with glass ornaments that add a touch of sophistication. The Kasbah Fairy Lights blend metal and glass seamlessly, creating a captivating visual feast.
  • Ample Illumination: With an illuminated length of 2.3 meters and a generous 3-meter lead wire, these fairy lights provide flexibility in placement, allowing you to create a magical atmosphere in the heart of your home.