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Glitter Pompom Party Hats

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Maximize your party fun with these brilliantly silly glitter pompom party hats! In beautifully bold colors, covered in shimmering glitter and topped with hilarious neon pompoms, your guests will be over the moon! Neon pompoms with silver elastic Crystal glitter details

IDEAL FOR ANY OCCASIONS - Great for birthday party, wedding party, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation party, theme party, festivals, etc.

CREATIVELY CRAFTED - Meri Meri party supplies are lovingly crafted, coupled with passion, to create a unique experience for most any occasion.

PACK SIZE & DIMENSION - The Hat Size is 55mm x 165mm x 55mm and the Pack Size is 180mm x 165mm x 75mm

  • Pack of 8 in 4 designs
  • Age: 3+