Jumbo Confetti Balloon - Red, White & Blue

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This gorgeous confetti balloon is filled with our signature confetti mix. Perfect for a patriotic get-together or birthday party. Paperboy confetti balloons are the go-to party decoration. If you pop the balloon, the confetti flutters down slowly like butterflies.

You can attach one of our Tassel Tails™ as a beautiful accent to add sophisticated glamour to your event!

Product details:

  • Confetti circles measure 1" diameter
  • Pack includes 1 balloon
  • Balloon measures 36" diameter when fully inflated
  • Balloon is made of clear natural latex
  • Made in the USA
  • Important: When the balloon is filled with helium, confetti tends to pool at the bottom of the balloon. This is the natural property of helium, so this will happen with any confetti balloon regardless of the manufacturer. The balloon in the product photo was filled with air, making the confetti stick to the sides easier. Rubbing the inflated balloon on a dry piece of fabric will generate static and help confetti stick to the sides when using either helium or air.