Floral Baby Shower
Turn their baby shower into a lush garden party with beautiful floral decor and supplies. Discover unique tableware, goodie bags, garlands, and more.

Embellish the occasion with Paperless Post Party Shop’s curated collection of floral baby shower decorations. Whether you’re adding bright blooms to your woodland theme, bringing in bold blossoms for your wild animal theme, or sticking to tried-and-true flowers, our shelves are stocked with a variety of floral-inspired designs that give an elevated look to your event.

Start with the basics and lay down table covers, placemats, and coasters for a little added protection before organizing the snack spread. Use cake stands to highlight the dessert area and dish out finger food on trays and platters that charm with ditsy floral designs. Set up the plates with celebration crackers that guests can pull before mealtime. We have on-theme cups, napkins, and cutlery, too. 

Paper bouquet centerpieces will grab guests’ attention, while other party decorations like pleated fans and hanging daisy chains deliver even more personality. Capture the best candids throughout the baby shower by creating a photo station decorated with garlands and banners featuring pastel petals and crisply-cut leaves. Add excitement to the party room’s entryway with metallic balloons spelling out a celebratory statement.

While guests bring gifts for the parents-to-be, have party favor bags full of little treasures to show your appreciation. We have plenty of gift bags that go hand in hand with your floral baby shower decorations, so every final detail is on point.