Candles & Decor

Candles & Decor

Make a wish—and make your party glow—with candles and candle holders for memorable occasions, from cake toppers and sparklers to twisty tapers in an array of colors.

Set a celebratory mood with candles from Paperless Post Party Shop. Our curated collection provides a variety of radiant options. From show-stopping birthday candles and sparkler candles to decorative tabletop candles that welcome guests with an atmospheric ambiance, we’re ready to help light up your party. 

Create an eclectic and harmonious look with a set of mixed candles in coordinating colors. From tall taper candles to short pillar candles, using a variety of heights and textures creates a dynamic and sparkling spread. Adding candles to your party room quickly transforms it into a warm and inviting space while instantly putting guests at ease. Don’t forget to pick up some candle holders to keep tapers standing tall and looking dressed for the party.

Adults tend to appreciate the sophistication that comes with a muted color palette. But kids’ parties are typically more casual and call for brighter colors and fun patterns. Either way, that wow factor is a top priority. Discover cake toppers and cupcake kits that include intricate attention-grabbing details. Cutouts of animals, dinosaurs, and mythical creatures bring whimsy to the treat table, while vibrant birthday candles with swirly shapes, sweet sentiments, and metallic accents are standout additions to any celebration.  To find party candles that check all your boxes, filter your search by color or brand.

We’ve got plenty of other party accents to light up your event, too. Your guests will be blown away when you adorn your space with showstopping decorations like party fans, piñatas, and balloons.